Thursday, June 23, 2011

Blessing Sets for Pomona Valley Hospital

I have been asked by many people about the patterns for the gowns I made for Pomona Valley Hospital.

The blanket pattern was a free pattern offered in a newsletter to which I subscribe. The pattern for the pink and white gown can be found here:

The blanket is my pattern for the Snowflake Kisses blanket. The pattern is available here on my blog. The pattern for this little white gown is from Inknitters Magazine Fall '04 Charity supplement. It is available online here:

The pattern for this blanket is from a Leisure Arts Leaflet #3403, Cuddly Pooh Afghans for the Nursery. The third gown was designed by Barbara Wampler and she has since removed the pattern from the internet due to people's misuse - a sad but necessary thing to do sometimes. Thank you to everyone who has very kindly complimented me on my work. I firmly believe that when God gives you a gift it is your duty to share that gift with the world.