Monday, January 18, 2010

Sue's Onesie

Sue's Onesie


For preemie/small newborn size

Size 4 and 6 dpns or 16 inch circular needles
Sport weight or baby yarn - model made with Lion Brand Baby Soft

3 buttons
Stitch markers
3 snaps
2 pieces of ¼ ribbon (each 16 inches long) for girl sleeves

With smaller needles, cast on 58 sts. Work in K1, P1 ribbing for 3 rows.

Buttonhole row: K1, P2 tog, yo, continue in ribbing. Work 2 more rows in ribbing.

Switch to larger needles and K 1 row, dividing work as follows: K10, inc in next st, place marker, inc in next st, K5, inc in next st, place marker, inc n next st, K20, inc in next st, place marker, inc in next st, K5, inc in next st, place marker, inc in next st, K10. (8 increases)

Row 2: K5, purl across, K5.


Row 3: Knit across, continuing to increase before and after each marker on each knit row.
Rows 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14: Purl across, Knitting first 5 and last 5 sts of the row.
Row 5: Buttonhole row. Knit across the row working a K1 increase before and after each marker, to within 3 sts of end, then Yo, K 2 tog, K1.
Rows 7 and 9: Knit
Row 11: repeat row 5.
Row 13 and 15: Knit
Row 16 Placket front: Slip the last 5 sts from needle to dpn, hold behind the first 5 sts. (Make sure the buttonholes are to the outside of the shirt.) Knit the 5 sts from the needle and the 5 sts from the dpn together so you end up with 5 sts and a placket opening. Continue to knit the row on dpns (or circular needles) - knitting is circular.

Next round: inc before and after each marker

Continue inc every other round until yoke measures 3 (3 ½) inches. Measure along raglan line, not including the neck ribbing.

Sleeves: knit to sleeve section, the sts between the first and second markers. Leaving all other sts on circular needles work over sleeve sts with larger dpns. Divide sleeve sts into thirds and join to knit circular. (The sleeves could be worked flat and then the inseam sewn after the shirt is finished.) The beg and end of this row will be the sleeve inseam. K 2 rounds, then switch to smaller needles and work 4 rounds of K1, P1 ribbing. Bind off loosely in ribbing. Attach yarn and knit over to the other sleeve section. Repeat sleeve directions.

Variation - Girl Sleeves: work flat in rows.
Row 1: knit
Row 2: purl.
Row 3: K1, *K2tog, yo, repeat from * across. Eyelet row
Row 4: purl
Row 5: knit
Row 6: knit
Bind off in knit.
Thread ribbon through eyelets and tie in a bow on top.

Body: All sts remaining are the body of the onesie. Attach yarn and knit circular on right side joining the front to the back . Continue with the body until it is 7 ½ inches long or desired body length.

Leg shaping: Divide work at sides (46 sts to the back and 45 sts to the front).
Using straight needles work across the back sts (leaving the front sts on circular needles).
Row 1: K1, K2tog, K40, K2 tog, K1
Row 2: p1, p2tog, P38, P2tog , P1

Repeat these 2 rows, decreasing 1 st at each side until 18 sts remain. Work 5 rows even.
Next row: P8, P2tog, P8
Bind off in knit.

Using straight needles work across front sts
Row 1: K1, K2tog, K39, K2tog, K1
Row 2: P1, P2tog P 37, P2tog P1

Repeat these 2 rows decreasing 1 st at each side until 17 sts remain. Work 6 rows even. Bind off in knit.

Sew on buttons
Weave in ends
Sew snaps on crotch opening, lapping front over back.
Copyright, April 2004, Susan A. Coes


Nancy said...

Thanks for the pattern: I can't wait to try it.

glor said...

Oh this is so pretty! I just have to learn to knit!

Cozy's Corner said...

Thank you vrey much.

Hilda said...

1. Hello all,

We are Giulietta Lorenzini and Marina Simone, moderators of the Knitting World for the World Blue Forum .(
Some time ago another moderator of our forum, Mrs. Barbara Ajroldi, asked your permission to translate one of your models and to make the translation available to the users of the forum.
But since Mrs. Ajroldi has recently left our community, we would still like to keep the translation available for our users.
Would you be so kind to let us know if we could keep the translation available on the forum for our members? If it is not possible, we’ll remove the translation from the forum.
Thank you in advance,
Best regards.
Giulietta Lorenzini and Marina Simone

Cozy's Corner said...

Hi Hilda, of course your group can have permission to continue to use the translation of my pattern. I hope it gives you much pleasure. Thank you so much for asking.

HumorMe said...

I fell in love with your pattern, "Sue's Onesie," and have started it. I do have couple of questions:
1. What kind of increase did you use on either side of the markers? Yours look so much nicer than mine; and why does the onesie in your photo appear to have increases on every knit row?
2. For the body, the pattern states to continue with the body until is is 7½ inches long; is this measurement from the place at which you joined after making the sleeves? Or is it from the neck ribbing?

Thank you for any help you can provide!

Alice2k said...

Hi. Very nice pattern. I'm just getting started, and I can't figure out how to divide for yoke. If you cast on 58, then 10+5+20+5+10 is only 50.

Cozy's Corner said...

Hi Alice, the "extra" 8 stitches are the button band. 4 stitches for each side in sorry about the confusion.